Innocent Smoothies to Headline Day1 at Working Digital 2018

We’re delighted to confirm that our keynote headline for day 1 of Working Digital will be Helena Langdon from innocent Smoothies.

innocent smoothies
As Head of Digital and Communities at innocent, it’s Helena’s job to entertain innocent’s fans on their social channels, to attract new ones, and to listen to them when they have something to say. Helena leads innocent’s digital and customer service team, and does everything from writing tweets on the train on her way into work, to writing and producing campaigns across digital, outdoor and on TV, and pretty much everything in between. She also takes the credit for creating the #DogsAtPollingStations hashtag on Twitter – so she’s pretty sure her career is all downhill from here.

Helena’s keynote explains how innocent has always been a social brand, even before Facebook existed. Helena will illustrate the many ways innocent has placed its drinkers firmly at the heart of its business, showing how a willingness to communicate openly and naturally with the people who buy your stuff has proved invaluable to innocent’s digital success.

It will also show you how to make a stapler go viral. So it’s worth coming along for that, if nothing else.

@helenalangdon | @innocent

We’re Back – for 2018!

We are delighted to confirm that after nearly a 4 year break, Working Digital will return to Kilmarnock in 2018.

The venue is again the Park Hotel, and the dates are now set as the 21st and 22nd March.

The full lineup and programme will be confirmed over the next few weeks, but please save the date now! Make sure you’ve added you email to our mailing list, so we can keep you up to date on everything as it happens. We’ve already got most of the speakers confirmed, and trust us – you will NOT be disappointed! We’ve got some NEW speakers lined up from big brand names you’ll be inspired by, as well as some old favourites from previous Working Digital events back to share their expertise.

Do not miss out. Save the date, and watch this space!!!

Day 3 Summary at Working Digital

This guest blog is provided by Carol Maguire – an HND student at Ayrshire College studying Web Development and Interactive Media. Carol is one of a number of student volunteers, helping us with Working Digital as part of their personal development and to gain valuable work experience.

Working Digital – brought to you by East Ayrshire Council Economic Development
Day 3 – Thursday 25th September 2014

Image by Guy Hinks.

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The Connected Customer

Today’s conference was focused on the importance on making and keeping those relationships between businesses and customers. We were shown a presentation by Gary Ennis detailing many statistic on mobile phone usage – far too many to list here! However, did you know that 80% of 18-44 year olds check their smartphones the minute they wake up?

Dependant on who we follow in our social media lives, can determine our sales in business and the contacts we make for prospective business in the future. When we were shown the stats for the ratings for Twitter, Glasgow 2014 came in at No.1, however a person named ‘Richard McKay’ came in at No.9 and is officially the top tweeter in Scotland (and Gary joked that he’s only just 1 place behind!).

We were reminded that the new domain name .scot has now been released and that apparently 3 million domain names with .scot extension have been sold over 2 nights. Broadband Cloud Solutions were on hand during the event to help with any sales and/or advice.

There was laughter in the room when a tale was retold about the ‘olden days’ when an unhappy shopper would feel justified in arguing with a store assistant and that the ‘discussion’ could go on for some time, with everyone else in the queue listening. More often than not, the disgruntled shopper would give up. Now, if the shopper is not happy, all they have to do is take a photo with their phone – post on YouTube or similar, and the power of social media comes to life. Wonder who will win that argument nowadays?

We were then shown a video link from Dave Carroll. For those who don’t know him, check out the video he posted on You Tube after United Airlines damaged his guitar, which went viral.

“We have more in common with each other, than don’t.”
Customer service is core for customers, suppliers, increased loyalty and profitability.

“Teach Me Sessions”


Ryan Ball is the Head of Corporate Sales for Hubspot, inbound marketing software platform. He was quick to point out that the success of Hubspot is “The Art of Not Sucking”. He explained that it is important that Sales and Marketing work together and agree a SLA (service level agreement) which will ensure both parties know the plans/objectives of the other.

Advertising has dramatically changed over the past 10 years, how often do we see a huge billboard? How much notice do we take of them? Direct mail – 44% of junk mail is binned without being opened, tv adverts – 86% of people now skip though the ads using skyplus or similar, emails – 91% of the population now unsubscribe from junk emails, telephone – so many things I could say about a sales call, but won’t! Marketers are not loved.

The power lies with the consumer. The customers are connected, to each other, with the help of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Google is their best friend. Want to check out the review on a hotel – google. Feedback on a washing machine – google.

Tomorrows approach needs to be “get found” where your customers/consumers are looking. It is anticipated that by 2020, most interruptive marketing will be a thing of the past. Inbound marketing methodology’s aim is to attract consumers to sites, get sales and ultimately get those consumers to rave about the product to their friends/family and get even more sales. Inbound Marketing = put the customer first. Take advantage of your staff, encourage your staff to use social media, to spread the company’s information/products, etc.

1. Understand Your Audience
Know your market, use personas and sub-personas to help profile customers.
“23% of European marketers are focused on reaching the right audience and converting them into leads.”

2. Aim For Remarkable
Should contain great content that adds value, solves a point or just entertains. Example – Hubspot gave away free templates, 123,370 visitors and nearly 6,000 completed the registration form, of which 4,000 were new visitors to Hubspot.

“Being remarkable I something we strive for, a mindset, not just marketing fluff.”

3. Promote Value
It’s not just about how to do more content, but about how to distribute it. Important to know number of facebook followers, twitters, etc., and to therefore anticipate your number of customers.

“If you spend 10 hours developing a piece of content, you should spend at least 10 hours promoting it.”

One single tweet can spead like wildfire with the thanks to Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Googleplus. “It’s all about getting eyeballs on the site.”

Ryan spoke about the book Inbound Marketing and the acronym DARC (digital, analytical, reach, content). “Content is King.” Context allows you to marry the buyer to the right content, ie different people are shown different items on the likes of Amazon, etc.

Report worth having a read –


Dan Spicer is Community Lead at the world’s most widely used social relationship platform. Dan reminded us of the power of social media, ie. Overthrown governments and social media was shut down for 72 hours, helped in the election of President Obama, etc.

It is anticipated that by 2017, a quarter of businesses will lose market prominence due to incompetence, and that a half of executives do not engage in social media at the moment. We were shown an example on Twitter which clearly shows that engagement by executives can help in gaining business.

“Stop worrying about technology, start worrying about who trusts you.”

Dan divulged 3 tips:

1. Respect the Platform
“Better to do 1 platform very well than to do more badly.”
Top platforms are facebook – 280 million, twitter – 65+ million, googleplus – 55+ million, LinkedIn – 45 million. Each platform has its own uses and their own life cycle, eg. Facebook gives user information on what they engage with frequently and life cycle is 2-3 days, Twitter will show everything and therefore life cycle is only 2-3 hours, etc. Need to understand audience, who is accessing the content, why they are accessing the content and how they are accessing the content.

2. Storytelling
Consumers want to talk to someone and technology is now making this easier.
“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”
It’s not only about creating content, but also to help build relationships.

3. Empower Your Team
By empowering your team, could reach potentially millions as each of your team member can then distribute to their contacts, their contacts to their contacts, etc. Very easily to escalate.
“Do more of what works, less of what doesn’t.”

Hootsuite also offer:
• an accredited social media strategy certificate
• Hootsuite Enterprise
• uberVU
• Hootsuite Campaigns

“…. be the show, not the commercial.”

“Inspire Me Sessions”


Guillermo Amodeo is a programmer at IBM and has worked there for many years, he has been working from home for the past 11 years. It seems that IBM has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation as Guillermo has been working at home for the past 10 years, while ‘working from home’ is relatively new to the rest of us. He told us of a story where he was in a bus station with his laptop on, while having a conference call on a mobile phone (brick, no doubt) to a customer in Japan and an acquaintance approached him to speak to him and he had to tell him that he was working. The acquaintance did not believe him, it was unheard of in those days! Now, a good percentage of people work from home, or on the move.

We then listened to and viewed the history of IBM which was very interesting and brought back memories of ‘green screens’, when I first started out in this business. He had yet another fascinating story about a computer ‘Watson’, who managed to beat 2 components (humans) at a quiz whereby one of the contestants was actually a record holder at quizzes.

By the 90’s, everyone was connected by phonelines, now everyone is like IBM, all those years ago, thanks to the help of technology.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” (Alan Key)

IBM predicts products need to change to become more social, to become the future. We must use the presence of social network instead of fighting it, we should encourage staff to use social media to expand our brands.

An old video from IBM was shown where one server was shown to store all the information that used to take multiple computers. Now, all information is being stored on the cloud, no need for any hardware storage equipment.

Halogen Communications

Michael Williamson gave us a quick run down on the technology that is ‘out there’ and discussed some of the numerous applications that are available. Out of the thousands of applications that are available, the average Joe Bloggs has 175 apps.

We learnt that there are applications out there that can give our information out without us realising we are doing it, such as our geographical location, where we have taken out photos, etc. There are also apps which are spyware and can be installed on our phone without realising it. It would be easy for someone to listen in to our conversations, to follow our every move, to read our texts, to see our emails and to even make phonecalls that would be billed to us on our own bills!

By sharing networks, such as on the train, hotels, etc. we are opening up our security to allow others access. However, the ‘cloud’, is a safer option, as there is no hardware which can be lost, stolen or damaged.

Although new phones now come with trackers, the tracker must be switched on by the user when they purchase the phone.


Paul Boag

The very last speaker of this 3 day conference was Paul Boag of Headscape and Boagworld who summed up today with these accurate quotes:

“Digital cannot just be a bolt on for your business.”

“It is a social phenomenon.”

We now live in a changed society. People now shop in a social way, comparison sites online are used constantly. Paul acknowledged that he is not part of a generation that grew up with digital, but that we all need to adapt, need to change the very core of businesses.
He then gave an example of a hair salon where all the stylists had their own iphones which they used effectively to give good customer care, retain customers and acquire new customers by using new technology methods.

“Be digital by default.”

Paul re-iterated what had been said by other speakers earlier in the night, digital is the way forward as it is quicker in obtaining sales/customers. Instead of sending out a press release, post out a blog.

“The world is changing and you need to change with it.”

The End

That’s it from me. Have really enjoyed my time at this event. Hope you all liked my blog. Need to say thanks to Loraine Johnston from Ayrshire College for volunteering me for this job and thanks to Gary and Colin for putting faith in me. Hope to see you both again. Meantime, I will go back to my day job of running around after 3 rugrats and completing my HND. And I get to keep my lovely ‘Working Digital’ orange tshirt. Yahoo!

My Contact Details:
Carol Maguire – HND Web Development and Interactive Media student at Ayrshire College
Twitter: @carolamaguire

Day 2 Summary at Working Digital

Unfortunately we didn’t have a “student blogger” available to us on Wednesday, so a member of staff at Ayrshire College stepped in, to help write up just a few notes. Consider it a ‘Brain Dump’ of some of the key points from Day 2 – Enjoy!

Working Digital – brought to you by East Ayrshire Council Economic Development
Day 2 – Wednesday 24th September 2014

Working Digital day 2, 2014, Image by

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Colin Kelly Intro Adopt a digital attitude
Are your phones switched on?
Heckle tweets – Fred MacAulay – live on stage

Local businesses – “show me” session :

Sugar & Spice ice cream parlour
Toni Dawson. 15 years in Largs family business, manages facebook 7 twitter for 3 of her businesses plus ‘explore largs’, handmade chocolates & ice cream, 4000L produced in last year.
Top tips: 1) define why you want to do this
2) which platform do you want to use / which works best for you?
“twitter is brilliant for research”, blogs sweet shop snippets
3) use the tools to manage this
uses her phone to take pics of ice cream made & uploads to Facebook
has free wifi in shop / signage in shop / like and check-in to get 2 free toppings
(facebook likes doubled in less than 3 months)
4) use Hootsuite to connect all together.
Geocode. 30 mile radius. Toni can tweet them back.
Geraldos brand name, named after her dad. She put her story online.
Ice cream after 9pm // geraldos

10 day walk form Hmaburg to Berlin, MTV awards. 100 people who were strangers, became friends. One presented an award at the event. Idea born to create a music awards ceremony in Scotland “we love bringing people together to listen to music” (?)
Aim to build an online following – Unique and interactive music awards. “beats the Brits on musical integrity”
A website is the most valuable thing to have for your business – 2 million hits between Jan & June 2014 – no adverts on site
Make sure they break news
Use multi media to engagewith users //samafeastsessions
website, keep conversation alive, hootsuite

Ricky Singh
Elite personal trainer. 2010 started bootcamps, now has elite personal training studio in Glasgow, 2000 sq ft gym. Been the best in Ayrshire, now aiming to do that in Glasgow.
‘Pleasure at heart’. Fitness can help with negative attitude. Ricky found that through fitness, can make people more positive about their lives and in business, and is now focussing on that to target businesses.
Keep it simple – why, what & how
Ricky did this to ‘have fun’ & wants to inspire people. He uses his iphone to promote his business as well as word of mouth & ‘brute force’ social media.
Uses twitter for research.
He’s ‘taking on the big boys’ through the use of social media.
Teach Me Session

Gary : bounce rate is seconds on website, want social media / fun – small businesses becoming successful using social media

Gamification – Brian Baglow
Started this 10 years ago.
Grand Theft Auto is now bigger than James Bond Skyfall ito income.
Minecraft – creative and educational. Creators Mojang purchased by Microsoft for $2bn last month (?)
Game thinking & game mechanics in a non-game environment
Foursquare started this, using your mobile phoen as a loyalty card.
‘Everythingification!’ Adding fun
Emerging nations have skipped wired netweoks to have wireless. Mobile phones (second screen) are the most common digital devices
“Geocaches” – high usage in US , much lower in Canada & other countries, and hardly used in the UK…allow people to find items left by others, and then replace with something else.
Every company not only needs a website, but also needs an app spoke at the Edinburgh International festival
People are naturally playful
Zappar – Edinburgh, QR codes are out…this is the next phase – t-shirts from Asda that with use of an app, your mobile device can bring the image on the t-shirt to life
Polybius – East Kilbride, ‘gamifying’ people’s’ stay on holiday, with virtual, interactive, educational kid’s spy game : SpyQuest, eg in Disneyworld hotels, Centerparcs & the 7* Jumeirah in Dubai & other well known hotel chains, and is specific to the venue.
EGEO – Dundee. Mapping company. Interactive 3D map of the environment, eg London
Not about outstanding achievement but making it fun. ‘Epic Win’ app is an app that makes a ‘to do’ list fun
Zombies run is a training tool for running – outwitting zombies
Denki – used gamification as a recruitment drive
Moneypnny – Dundee : app to buy shares based on real-world info formthe previous day. Bulls & Bears
Fold-it – protein games used in e=research for cure/treatment for AIDS
‘Play to Cure’ cancer research game, that produced 6 months worth of research in 1 month
Inbox 0 – personal achievement & reward!
“having fun with the big boys”, key pointis to be ‘playful’
Google glass is taking off and will evolve into smaller, less conspicuous technology – eg contact lenses

Perry Timms – Putting Social Media to Work
HR Authors : Ray Kurzweil, Jane McGonigal, Umair Haq
Hackathon – hack into dd thoughts
Graph search – companies using this to find staff. Amazon page style CV
“the job is dead – long live work”
The //Coffice
Gary Hamil – Management 2.0
Bank on openness
Managers – do, create, innovative, change
Collaboration trumps control
Worldblu – democratic workplaces – these companies are a third more profitable, 93% better recruitment eg netflex (?)
Mondragen – 60 year old Spanish company – have never sacked anyone
We should all be trendspotters and chief innovation officers
Crowd sourcing ie use wikis for staff to put ideas on (staff suggestions boxes are done)

Just before the break:

Fantastic surprise performance from Nicola Cassells


Inspire Me Session

Martin Steele – IRN BRU brand manager
‘content is king, digital the kingmaker’
Digital agency brief ‘amplification and exploitation’
‘Fanny’ digital marketing campaign. Concept put out on youtube and facebook, competition for launching the Fanny advert. Winner Rachel got to send out the first tweet. Richard had 50,000 followers (most influencial tweeter?), by linking both, word spread of the new ad.
Paul Adams book.
Great advice on running a successful digital media campaign.
Glasgow 2014 campaign, tv ad, youtube views, lucky socks
“Fanny playing with the big boys” (?)

Grant Stott : Radio Forth
Using social media to connect with listeners. Getting on stories early; found the girl from the youtube video who couldn’t stop laughing within a few minutes and got her on his show.
Good advice for using social media, eg check with account you’re using (personal / business) – using the wrong one can get you into trouble!
Quickfire humour can get you ‘trending’
“try to make dull info mildly amusing” eg read out hilarious tweet re swan on dual carriageway as traffic report
be prepared for the ‘swearies’ – not everyone will get your humour, respond appropriately & BLOCK!
Fantastic finale with ‘That’s Fife’ – his own personal viral hit!

All in all – a wonderful event today – with 7 speakers and a whole load of Fun (with business advice thrown in too!)

Nicola Cassells sings at Working Digital

Delegates at Day 2 of the Working Digital conference were treated to a surprise performance from Scottish Opera talent Nicola Cassells.

A truly amazing voice!

Big thanks to Nicola who had only agreed to assist Gary “disrupt” the conference just hours earlier. Nessun Dorma at a business conference – another first for Working Digital 😉

Day 1 Summary at Working Digital

This guest blog is provided by Carol Maguire – an HND student at Ayrshire College studying Web Development and Interactive Media.  Carol is one of a number of student volunteers, helping us with Working Digital as part of their personal development and to gain valuable work experience.  

Working Digital – brought to you by East Ayrshire Council Economic Development
Day 1 – Tuesday 23rd September 2014
Image by Guy Hinks.
View more photos from the day over on Facebook

Today we were discussing Digital Disruption and how change in the digital world is inevitable. We were introduced to Gary Ennis and Colin Kelly from NSDesign who explained various facts and figures of internet usage. There were some funny comments made throughout the night. Great one from Gary Ennis, “Sad but true fact is that the average person has a 0.7 second attention span and a goldfish has a 0.8 second attention span. The average person has a 0.7 second attention span and a goldfish has a 0.8 second attention span.” If you don’t get the above sentence, read it again, this time out loud!

I must admit this is the first ever conference I have attended whereby I have been encouraged to leave my phone on, and where the candidates have been urged to participate in the conference by way of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

We were then shown a video from Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group. He confirmed that all businesses have their own problems and that even a huge company such as Disney were struggling to retain their customers as long as they would have liked, within their business. An app was created whereby customers could take their own photos, which could then be projected onto the castle, thus keeping customers inside the business longer, spending more money on prints, and sharing this information on social media and thereby reaching more potential customers.

“It’s not what the software does, it’s what the user does.”

He summarised by stating that we should all embrace technology properly as it embraces our businesses.

“Show Me – Small Business Showcase”

Emu Bands

Emu Bands was started in 2005 and is based principally in Glasgow. Ally Gray is the Managing Director and co-founder and there are six additional staff, (3 of whom work remotely, while 3 are office based).
Ally explained that when an artist/band signs with themselves for a fee, Emu Bands will then be able to offer their music to the bigger companies such as Amazon, Spotify and MP3, as these big companies are unlikely to deal with individuals. Emu Bands can then distribute their music throughout the world, pay taxes as necessary, and deal with royalties, etc.

He discussed the main digital tools used for the company and their uses:
Skype, Webposition, Wetransfer, Google Analytics, Provide Support, Facebook, Mention, Twitter, Your Mailing List Provider and Amazon Web Services.

Transcribe UK

Ada Galloway is Transcribe UK’s Managing Director. Ada had previously worked as an Admin Manager for an Occ Health department within a corporate organisation. She spoke about her past where she transcribed tapes that were sent to her in Glasgow, from around the UK, and she would then post the typed paperwork back to the author. She realised this was time consuming and so, 8 years ago, when she had the opportunity to start her own business transcribing, she invested in a software package, from Germany, that would allow the author to upload their files in order for her to transcribe in a much more efficient way.

Ada explained that she is aware that many companies are still using tapes, however it is slowly changing to digital as people become aware that digital is less time consuming, higher quality, available 24/7 and costs are transparent. Much like a typing pool, thanks to the software used, Ada can easily determine if a specific secretary has a backlog of work, work overdue, etc. Likewise, when a job has been completed, the typist will notify the client that the work had been uploaded and ready via the software.

Unusual connection of the night was when Ada explained that due to Pinterest and her board of male business clothing, she had acquired new business.

Scotland’s Hour

As a seasoned traveller and an experienced blogger, Douglas Baird explained that his Twitter chats started when he used to spend Saturday mornings uploading his holiday photos to Twitter with his holiday opinions.

It brought back some memories for myself when he told us of a story of him and his wife planning their backpacking trip around America. They had to book hotels by post and wait for a letter in return confirming their room had been booked at that particular hotel for their stay, months in advance, when postcards would arrive months after your had returned home and when you had to rely on taxi drivers and bus drivers knowing the whereabouts of every hotel in a city.

What a difference to nowadays! Go online, book a hotel at a minutes notice, check out the map online, get directions sent to your phone, upload your holiday snaps in seconds!
Douglas currently has 13,000 followers on Twitter and explained that by making only 1 minute videos, ensures that it contains all the sightseeing information that people want to see. He was very happy to add that he is just a part-time travel blogger as he is still in employment. 🙂

His top tip for today was to text flight details, hotel name, etc. to your own phone.

Reminder – Twitter, Scotland’s Hour, 9pm, Wednesday 24th September 2014 and the topic this month is ‘Year of Sport’.
Gary Ennis also added in some valuable information for any business (especially in the tourism and travel industry) – A Map should be included in all websites and that ratings and reviews are checked by prospective customers.

“Inspire Me”

Amber Atherton from My Flash Trash

The “Inspire me” session began with Amber Atherton from My Flash Trash – who started selling jewellery while she was still at school with the help of WordPress. This young entrepreneur used to buy jewellery while on holiday and sell it on to her friends when she returned. It was later, when she appeared in Made In Chelsea, advertising her jewellery, My Flash Trash, that the sales really took off.

Amber admitted that she had not been ready for the surge in sales and that planning is an integral part of any business. Branching out, Amber launched Flash Trash Mall 2 weeks ago, whereby clients can download databases of contacts, branding, marketing, etc, for a fee, and the designers can then sell their own designs.

A lot of time is spent on social media, mainly Snapchat and Instagram and Amber agreed that they have been known to change 8 times a day, and that the homepage of her website could change a couple of times a month.

Example given as to how social media is imperative to sales, Amber explained that the Duchess of Cambridge had been photographed wearing a pair of My Flash Trash earrings, however even Kate Middleton wearing the earrings had not generated half the amount of traffic to the website, than when an item had been seen on YouTube.

Tip – Important to understand your audience.
Snapchat can be used to offer flash sales, gives real time and immediate sales.
Competition can help gain followers.
Can convert audiences from other brands by the hijacking of the #.
Important to keep up with media changes and that of your audience.
Next step is to launch a ‘signature bracelet’, direct competition with Pandora.
“Hang out in the favourite spaces your customers are in.”

Frances Milligan – Senior Digital Officer at Glasgow 2014

Frances Milligan explained that the social media team were responsible for ensuring everything was not only pre-planned for each day, but that the website was responsive to enable it to be viewed on all types of devices (50% of access to website was from a tablet/mobile phone). Information included news for that day, ads, previews of each day, winners, results, transport information, etc.

Mobile apps included ‘Personalise My Games’ and ‘Results’ applications.
Some facts:
£5 million was raised for Unicef at the Opening Ceremony.
18 million emails were sent.
500,000 apps were downloaded.
Equivalent to 49 years watching the games on YouTube.
Over 1 million visitors a day to website.
84 million visitors.
1.6 billion total requests.
Over 25 million sessions.
12 million unique users.
500,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Unbelievable or not, but there were 7 people within this social media team, working around the clock, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
Instead of people having to go to the games, we tried to make it ‘people are the games’ by updating information regularly and giving interesting stories that people could relate to, to help them feel part of the games!
“Never be too hasty to respond to negative comment.”

“Teach Me”

Mark Evans from the Kommando Group

Established in 2000, Mark Evans is the CEO and explained how he could see a change in the way brands were behaving and that the main thrust was anti-marketing.

Last year, traditional advertising on TV declined by 50% while word of mouth advertising increased by 70%, however it is recognised that in this current year, TV advertising has dropped even further By using social media platforms such as Facebook and sharing information amongst ourselves, reinforces personal decision making principles.

Guerrilla Marketing was initiated in 1984 and its objective is to reach conventional goals on non-conventional budget, using available marketing tools. The whole point of using Guerrilla Marketing is that businesses do not require massive resources, and is more reliant on social media (campaign, engagement, tactile, etc.). Social media also allows for honesty.

Mark gave an example of Guerrilla Marketing that had recently taken place in a rough area of Glasgow that was plagued with gang related incidents, whereby projected images were viewed on a wall to show the reality of knife violence. Bluetooth was used to connect devices and gang members were known to have left the gang culture due to this digital technology.

Another example given was based in Edinburgh whereby wild animals were being caught inhumanely by traps. People were placed inside pretend traps, photos taken, videos taken, wild animal sound in the background, streamed on YouTube and there was an increase of 3000% of names and addresses towards the petition to stop the killing of animals.

Mark showed a short video advertising a TV channel called TNT. I did not take notes on this video, but I remember everything about it, as it was hilarious. It has been shared 52 million times over 24 month period.
“92% of consumers say that they trust earned media.” “People want to share happiness.”
Mark went into some sort of science information. Won’t go into detail as I didn’t understand it but it did have to do with different changes in the human brain depending on what they watch, ie. Adverts.

“People read news rather than read adverts.”

The End of Day 1

Well that’s it from me folks, for today anyway. Hope you enjoyed reading my Blog. Picked up some really useful and interesting tips from today’s speakers, and if you were unfortunate enough to miss today’s conference, it’s still on Wednesday and Thursday (and there’s always the Video online!). –  PS Where were you? What was more important?

Oh, final reminder to oneself – Twitter 9pm for Scotland’s Hour.

My Contact Details:
Carol Maguire – HND Web Development and Interactive Media student at Ayrshire College
Twitter: @carolamaguire

Promote your business on the “big screen” at Working Digital

Are you using VINE yet for short video? –

You should… simply because one of the ways to contribute to Working Digital is by making a vine that we can show on screen…

We want your “Best Digital Tip”.. and remember – you’ve only got 7 seconds! Just make sure that you “tag” your video with #WorkingDigital

If we get enough of these, we’ll run them on a loop live at the conference – a perfect chance to share some good advice, and promote your business at the same time!

Glasgow2014 and the Social Games – Paul Giblin to headline Working Digital in Ayrshire

What can your business learn from the digital team behind Glasgow 2014?
The recent Commonwealth Games were a huge success with many choosing to follow the action and enjoy the atmosphere through their smart phones.


Senior Digital Media Manager Paul Giblin and his team embraced social media to the max – before, during and after the games. From real-time Twitter medal announcements, travel updates and advice, Vine videos of Clyde the mascot, Royal photobombing, and record breaking Hashtags.

Hear from Paul on Day 1 of Working Digital, as he shares his insight into what worked and why, as well as his top 5 social moments of the games. He’ll also discuss the lessons learned for any business regarding how to engage with an audience through the technology in their pocket – quite literally a game changer in marketing!


More superfast broadband coverage in East Ayrshire

More than 800 homes and businesses in East Ayrshire will be next to benefit from fibre broadband in the latest phase of the £410 million Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme.

Muirkirk is one of the next areas targeted by the Digital Scotland deployment of high-speed fibre broadband to receive the high speed technology for the first time.

As a result of the ongoing roll-out by BT engineers, 55,000 homes and business across Scotland now have access to fibre broadband. In total, more than three quarters of a million homes and business premises will eventually benefit.

Once the installation, due to take place this coming winter, resident and businesses in Muirkirk will be able to access fibre broadband services at speeds of up to 80Mbps. The vastly improved speed means that multiple users in a home or business will find it easier and quicker to access the internet and download and share large files at the same time.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “This announcement marks an important milestone for the people and businesses of East Ayrshire as well as for the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband partnership.

“This programme is laying the foundations of a world class digital Scotland, by extending fibre broadband access to parts of Scotland that wouldn’t otherwise be served commercially.

“The scale of the challenge of delivering fibre broadband into rural Scotland outstrips any other part of the UK and will generate significant economic benefits, including new jobs and increased productivity.

“This is an important step towards ensuring that Scotland has world-class digital connectivity by 2020 and will be a key factor in ensuring Scotland’s long-term economic prosperity.”

The Digital Scotland Superfast is being delivered on the ground by BT, which is investing £126 million in the programme throughout Scotland.

Brendan Dick, BT Scotland director, said: “The advent of fibre broadband in these latest communities will mean a major boost for local homes and businesses. With more adults working from home than ever before and more people shopping or watching TV online, today’s announcement will help Scotland work and play faster.

“We’re really proud of our role at the heart of Scotland, delivering critical infrastructure which helps the nation to compete on a world stage. We could only reach the parts of East Ayrshire that lay beyond commercial deployment by working with others, and I find it really heartening that so many of our smaller communities now stand to benefit. Our ongoing deployment of fibre across the country is one of the biggest civil engineering projects happening in Scotland today and will be to the advantage of generations to come.”

Councillor Jim Buchanan, Spokesperson for Delivering Community Regeneration, East Ayrshire Council said: “ As we’re already seeing from the parts of East Ayrshire which have superfast broadband, it has the potential to change people’s lives with great opportunities for healthcare monitoring, general communications and business. At East Ayrshire Council we’re happy to support this project which is bringing the latest technology to rural areas which might not otherwise benefit.”

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said: “This fantastic news marks the next stage of a remarkable transformation of broadband in East Ayrshire which will see around 95 per cent of premises connected to fibre broadband infrastructure by 2017/18. We understand how important access to superfast broadband is, which is why the UK Government is investing more than £100m in broadband for Scotland. The widespread access to superfast broadband that our rollout will deliver will provide a tremendous boost to the Scottish economy.”

Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband funding partners include the Scottish Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the UK Government through Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), local authorities and the European Regional Development Fund, as well as BT.

Alongside the commercial roll-out of superfast broadband, the Digital Scotland programme will see around 95 per cent of premises in Scotland connected to fibre broadband infrastructure by 2017/18. In East Ayrshire coverage will reach 9 per cent.

Locations will be announced quarterly over the life of the projects as the fibre network rolls out across Scotland. Further local detail will be provided as plans advance and anyone interested in the roll-out can keep up to date and get more detail at

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