Dave Carroll confirmed as “virtual speaker” for Working Digital in Ayrshire

An award winning singer-songwriter, professional speaker, author, consumer advocate and social media superstar, Dave Carroll is best known for a video on YouTube which has been viewed over 14million times.


“United Breaks Guitars” has been watched the world over, and depicts Dave’s battle with United Airlines over a Taylor Guitar damaged by the airline baggage handlers. It’s the classic tale of Big Company, Bad Customer Service, and the frustrated consumer having to fight for justice.

Now running Gripevine – an online platform providing a neutral, fair and level playing field where consumers and companies can come together to work out their differences and arrive at successful resolutions to common consumer complaints.

A sought after guest speaker at conferences across the globe, Dave has agreed to provide an exclusive video presentation to be played at Working Digital, where he’ll share his thoughts on the role of Social Media as a Customer Service channel when dealing with an ever increasing “connected customer” base.

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