Day 2 Summary at Working Digital

Unfortunately we didn’t have a “student blogger” available to us on Wednesday, so a member of staff at Ayrshire College stepped in, to help write up just a few notes. Consider it a ‘Brain Dump’ of some of the key points from Day 2 – Enjoy!

Working Digital – brought to you by East Ayrshire Council Economic Development
Day 2 – Wednesday 24th September 2014

Working Digital day 2, 2014, Image by

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Colin Kelly Intro Adopt a digital attitude
Are your phones switched on?
Heckle tweets – Fred MacAulay – live on stage

Local businesses – “show me” session :

Sugar & Spice ice cream parlour
Toni Dawson. 15 years in Largs family business, manages facebook 7 twitter for 3 of her businesses plus ‘explore largs’, handmade chocolates & ice cream, 4000L produced in last year.
Top tips: 1) define why you want to do this
2) which platform do you want to use / which works best for you?
“twitter is brilliant for research”, blogs sweet shop snippets
3) use the tools to manage this
uses her phone to take pics of ice cream made & uploads to Facebook
has free wifi in shop / signage in shop / like and check-in to get 2 free toppings
(facebook likes doubled in less than 3 months)
4) use Hootsuite to connect all together.
Geocode. 30 mile radius. Toni can tweet them back.
Geraldos brand name, named after her dad. She put her story online.
Ice cream after 9pm // geraldos

10 day walk form Hmaburg to Berlin, MTV awards. 100 people who were strangers, became friends. One presented an award at the event. Idea born to create a music awards ceremony in Scotland “we love bringing people together to listen to music” (?)
Aim to build an online following – Unique and interactive music awards. “beats the Brits on musical integrity”
A website is the most valuable thing to have for your business – 2 million hits between Jan & June 2014 – no adverts on site
Make sure they break news
Use multi media to engagewith users //samafeastsessions
website, keep conversation alive, hootsuite

Ricky Singh
Elite personal trainer. 2010 started bootcamps, now has elite personal training studio in Glasgow, 2000 sq ft gym. Been the best in Ayrshire, now aiming to do that in Glasgow.
‘Pleasure at heart’. Fitness can help with negative attitude. Ricky found that through fitness, can make people more positive about their lives and in business, and is now focussing on that to target businesses.
Keep it simple – why, what & how
Ricky did this to ‘have fun’ & wants to inspire people. He uses his iphone to promote his business as well as word of mouth & ‘brute force’ social media.
Uses twitter for research.
He’s ‘taking on the big boys’ through the use of social media.
Teach Me Session

Gary : bounce rate is seconds on website, want social media / fun – small businesses becoming successful using social media

Gamification – Brian Baglow
Started this 10 years ago.
Grand Theft Auto is now bigger than James Bond Skyfall ito income.
Minecraft – creative and educational. Creators Mojang purchased by Microsoft for $2bn last month (?)
Game thinking & game mechanics in a non-game environment
Foursquare started this, using your mobile phoen as a loyalty card.
‘Everythingification!’ Adding fun
Emerging nations have skipped wired netweoks to have wireless. Mobile phones (second screen) are the most common digital devices
“Geocaches” – high usage in US , much lower in Canada & other countries, and hardly used in the UK…allow people to find items left by others, and then replace with something else.
Every company not only needs a website, but also needs an app spoke at the Edinburgh International festival
People are naturally playful
Zappar – Edinburgh, QR codes are out…this is the next phase – t-shirts from Asda that with use of an app, your mobile device can bring the image on the t-shirt to life
Polybius – East Kilbride, ‘gamifying’ people’s’ stay on holiday, with virtual, interactive, educational kid’s spy game : SpyQuest, eg in Disneyworld hotels, Centerparcs & the 7* Jumeirah in Dubai & other well known hotel chains, and is specific to the venue.
EGEO – Dundee. Mapping company. Interactive 3D map of the environment, eg London
Not about outstanding achievement but making it fun. ‘Epic Win’ app is an app that makes a ‘to do’ list fun
Zombies run is a training tool for running – outwitting zombies
Denki – used gamification as a recruitment drive
Moneypnny – Dundee : app to buy shares based on real-world info formthe previous day. Bulls & Bears
Fold-it – protein games used in e=research for cure/treatment for AIDS
‘Play to Cure’ cancer research game, that produced 6 months worth of research in 1 month
Inbox 0 – personal achievement & reward!
“having fun with the big boys”, key pointis to be ‘playful’
Google glass is taking off and will evolve into smaller, less conspicuous technology – eg contact lenses

Perry Timms – Putting Social Media to Work
HR Authors : Ray Kurzweil, Jane McGonigal, Umair Haq
Hackathon – hack into dd thoughts
Graph search – companies using this to find staff. Amazon page style CV
“the job is dead – long live work”
The //Coffice
Gary Hamil – Management 2.0
Bank on openness
Managers – do, create, innovative, change
Collaboration trumps control
Worldblu – democratic workplaces – these companies are a third more profitable, 93% better recruitment eg netflex (?)
Mondragen – 60 year old Spanish company – have never sacked anyone
We should all be trendspotters and chief innovation officers
Crowd sourcing ie use wikis for staff to put ideas on (staff suggestions boxes are done)

Just before the break:

Fantastic surprise performance from Nicola Cassells


Inspire Me Session

Martin Steele – IRN BRU brand manager
‘content is king, digital the kingmaker’
Digital agency brief ‘amplification and exploitation’
‘Fanny’ digital marketing campaign. Concept put out on youtube and facebook, competition for launching the Fanny advert. Winner Rachel got to send out the first tweet. Richard had 50,000 followers (most influencial tweeter?), by linking both, word spread of the new ad.
Paul Adams book.
Great advice on running a successful digital media campaign.
Glasgow 2014 campaign, tv ad, youtube views, lucky socks
“Fanny playing with the big boys” (?)

Grant Stott : Radio Forth
Using social media to connect with listeners. Getting on stories early; found the girl from the youtube video who couldn’t stop laughing within a few minutes and got her on his show.
Good advice for using social media, eg check with account you’re using (personal / business) – using the wrong one can get you into trouble!
Quickfire humour can get you ‘trending’
“try to make dull info mildly amusing” eg read out hilarious tweet re swan on dual carriageway as traffic report
be prepared for the ‘swearies’ – not everyone will get your humour, respond appropriately & BLOCK!
Fantastic finale with ‘That’s Fife’ – his own personal viral hit!

All in all – a wonderful event today – with 7 speakers and a whole load of Fun (with business advice thrown in too!)

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