IBM to talk “Social Work” at East Ayrshire’s Working Digital conference

Social media for some companies is about marketing and PR. IBM however defines itself as a ‘Social Business’ – one which embraces the principles of social media, but goes further by bringing the tools and techniques inside the business, aligning goals across the organisation as a whole, and empowering the staff to truly “be social” for everyone’s benefit.

While some companies are still prohibiting their staff from using the likes of Twitter and Facebook, IBM is doing something that many companies wouldn’t dare try: allowing their employees to speak for the company.


Guillermo Amodeo has worked at IBM for close to 20 years. In that time he’s worked on some of their biggest “social platforms”, helping IBM to make the shift into online support, service and mobile engagement.

Outside IBM, Guillermo regularly lectures to Scottish Universities on topics such as Social, Cloud and Mobile, as well as touring language departments of schools across Scotland to help them pester students about the advantages of learning foreign languages (and coding!). He’s also a member of the Magic Circle.

Guillermo will share his vast experience of working at the technology giant on “day 3” of Working Digital, showing how any business can learn to be more social and digitally savvy to help deliver results.

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