Kommando’s Mark Evans to provide some welcome disruption at Working Digital!

With a business mind that is left-field, disruptive and invariably ahead of the curve, Mark Evans is an acknowledged challenger of what many accept as “the status quo”.

mark evans

In the 1990s Mark established Kommando – one of the UK’s first and most respected guerrilla marketing agencies. Today his creative vision is a proven reality, with disruptive marketing now a force in how brands communicate and engage with people both in the real and digital world.

Mark’s other companies, NomadiX Media and PixAngels, demonstrate an expertise in the research and development of world-first technologies. Their patented innovations include humanised, wearable digital media technologies that deliver highly targeted advertising messages and incorporate facial recognition and data-capture software.
He has also recently developed a unique photo/social marketing technology app that gives instant sharing across online and popular social networks of audience captured, branded photos.

Mark will host a session on ‘Day 1’ of Working Digital – sharing his expertise on all aspects of disruptive marketing to better engage with your audience and achieve business results.

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